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Chairman's Annual Reports

2011 Anji Dowson
2016 Helen Goodman
2019 Helen Goodman
2020 Helen Goodman

Conference Speeches

Key note speeches to the Conference “Sanctity of Life” 30th April 2011 at Ampleforth

John Habgood
Pauline Dodsworth

Summary of 2006 Conference '... stumbling blocks into stepping stones...'

Key note speeches to the Conference “Changing World Changing Choices” 17th April 2004 at Ampleforth

John Habgood
Susan Howdle

Summary of 2016 Conference 'Who cares?'

Key note speech to the Conference “Come Holy Spirit” 14th April 2018 at Ampleforth

Graham Cray

Presentations and material from the Climate Change Conference April 2021 held as a Zoom meeting

Presentation by Nick Cowern

Lancet report from Nick Cowern

Presentation by Simon Bowens

Material from Simon Bowens

Presentation by Peter Wright

Workshop by Peter Wright


Our Constitution

A presentation of our work

Lent Course for 2013 by Anji Dowson

Stanbrook Abbey Visit

Common Ground For Hope  (how Christians and non-Christians alike may find common ground in the phrases of the Millennium Resolution)

This document was produced by Revd Ranald Wylie (a past chairman) during his Sabbatical studies

Stress A Christian Perspective  (being a Dissertation submitted in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the Degree of Master of Arts in the University of Hull by Ann Gray BSc. M.A.)