Ryedale Christian Council
Climate Change

towards caring for God's creation & responding to the unfolding disaster

A Day Conference Saturday 25th April 2020

Lady Lumley's School, Pickering North Yorkshire


  1. Food, bread, and Farming issues– Nelly Trevelyan.Organic farmer
  2. Practical measures - shopping, gardening, travel – Barbara Hickman
  3. Spirituality of Climate Action – Bishop Graham Cray
  4. Investing ethically - Lisa Hardman
  5. Making homes more energy efficient. Strasz Straszewski
  6. Operation Noah. Christian response to climate change. Jackie Cray and Peter Allen
  7. Christian Aid. Climate and Justice. Peter Wright
  8. Direct Action. Experience of Quakers.
  9. Friends of the Earth. Simon Bowens. Community Action


  1. Yorkshire Wildlife Trust – David Spivack
  2. Kirkbymoorside Eco Group. Helen Gundry
  3. Yorkshire Rotters
  4. Ryedale District Council. Mike Potter, Joss Holmes
  5. Bookshop

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